“We’ve got spirit, yes we do! We’ve got spirit, how ’bout you?”

“Cheerleaders: the only athletes that smile while they sweat.”

“There’s no ‘I’ in team, but there’s a ‘win’ in our cheer.”

“Victory is sweet, but the journey is what makes us stronger.”

“We don’t just cheer for the wins, we cheer for the love of the game.”

“We may be small, but our cheers are mighty!”

“Cheerleaders: where beauty meets strength and grace.”

“Courage, determination, and a whole lot of spirit – that’s what makes us champions.”

“Senior year: our final cheer, our last hurrah, our legacy.”

“Leave a little sparkle wherever you go, and remember to always cheer bold and bright.”

“Cheerleaders: the heart and soul of the sidelines.”

“We’re not just cheerleaders, we’re a squad of sisters.”

“Life is better when you’re flipping, twirling, and cheering your heart out.”

“Hard work brings gold, but teamwork brings trophies.”

“We may stumble, but we will never fall. We are cheerleaders after all.”

“Cheer the loudest, jump the highest, and leave it all on the mat.”

“This is our year to shine, and we’re cheering all the way to cloud nine.”

“Senior cheer: proving that experience and passion are a winning combination.”

“Cheerleaders: dripping in sweat, shining with spirit.”

“Cheer is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle.”

“Leave it all on the mat, because tomorrow is a new cheer to conquer.”

“Senior cheerleaders: seasoned, spirited, and ready to take on the world.”

“Every step, every chant – we’re making memories that will forever last.”

“Cheerleaders: bringing the energy and bringing the heat.”

“We’re not just here to cheer, we’re here to inspire greatness.”

“Senior cheerleaders: leaving a legacy of passion, dedication, and pom-poms in our wake.”

“Champions are made through hard work, dedication, and spirit.”

“Cheerleaders: strong, fierce, and ready to take on any challenge.”

“From freshman to senior, our spirit only grows stronger.”

“Senior cheer: leaving it all on the mat, as we cheer for the last time.”