“I have a curse. I have a gift. I’m a monster, a monster, a monster.” – Juliette

“Books are easily destroyed. But words will live as long as people can remember them.” – Warner

“Hope is a pocket of possibility. I’m holding on to whatever I can find.” – Juliette

“Fear is only your enemy if you allow it to be.” – Adam

“I’ve been told I’m darkness, but I’ve seen the truth and the darkness is inside of you.” – Juliette

“The thought of him stays with me, hangs out in the dusty corners of my mind even when I’m not thinking about him. It’s almost like a fire, a madness that never really burns out.” – Juliette

“Sometimes pain is a reminder that you’re still alive. Sometimes it’s worth it. Sometimes it’s the only way you can know.” – Warner

“Warner thinks he can brainwash me into being something I’m not. He’s wrong. I will never be like him.” – Juliette

“The power of the written word is extraordinary. It can break you, and it can heal you. It can bring you to your knees and lift you higher than you’ve ever been before.” – Warner

“Sometimes you have to let go of the past to embrace the future.” – Adam

“Don’t judge someone based on their abilities. Judge them based on their character.” – Juliette

“Love is a weapon. It’s the most powerful weapon in the world.” – Warner

“We’re all afraid of something. But fear doesn’t define us. What we do in the face of fear does.” – Juliette

“The only way to survive is to keep moving forward, even when the world is trying to hold you back.” – Adam

“Don’t let your past define you. It’s just a story. You have the power to write your own future.” – Juliette

“One day, I will be strong enough to rewrite my own story.” – Juliette

“Sometimes the things that make us different are the things that make us special.” – Adam

“In the darkest moments, hope can be your guiding light.” – Juliette

“I am more than the sum of my mistakes.” – Warner

“Never underestimate the power of a single person. They have the potential to change the world.” – Juliette

“It’s not about what you can’t do. It’s about what you can do.” – Adam

“The world is a beautiful place, even when it doesn’t feel like it.” – Juliette

“You can’t control everything, but you can control how you react to it.” – Warner

“Every ending is just a new beginning.” – Adam

“Fighting for what you believe in is always worth it, no matter the cost.” – Juliette

“Strength doesn’t come from physical ability, it comes from an indomitable will.” – Warner

“You don’t have to be fearless, you just have to be brave enough to take the first step.” – Juliette

“The greatest power you possess is the power to choose.” – Adam

“Sometimes it’s the impossible things that are the most worth fighting for.” – Juliette

“Never forget the power of hope. It’s what keeps us going, even in our darkest moments.” – Warner