“I hope my achievements inspire others to dream big and chase their goals, no matter their background.”

“Swimming taught me the value of hard work, discipline, and perseverance.”

“Representation matters. I want young girls to see themselves in me and know that they can achieve greatness too.”

“In the pool, it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you look like. It’s all about how hard you’re willing to work.”

“Don’t be afraid to set audacious goals. You never know what you’re capable of until you try.”

“Success is not just about winning, it’s about giving your all and pushing your limits.”

“I’ve learned to embrace failure because it’s often the catalyst for growth and improvement.”

“It’s important to have passion and purpose in everything you do.”

“I am grateful for the opportunities that swimming has given me, and for the amazing people I have met along the way.”

“Sometimes you have to take a step back and recharge to come back stronger than ever.”

“Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who believe in you too.”

“Your dreams may seem impossible at times, but with hard work and determination, anything is possible.”

“I am constantly learning and evolving as an athlete and as a person.”

“It’s okay to ask for help, no one achieves greatness alone.”

“Remember to celebrate every milestone along the journey, no matter how small.”

“Failure is not the end, it’s just a stepping stone on the path to success.”

“Always strive to be better than you were yesterday.”

“Don’t let fear hold you back from chasing your dreams.”

“Stay focused on your goals, even when faced with obstacles.”

“You are capable of achieving greatness, no matter your age or background.”

“Don’t compare yourself to others. Focus on your own progress and growth.”

“Believe in your abilities, even when others doubt you.”

“Success comes to those who are willing to work for it, no matter the setbacks.”

“Never underestimate the power of hard work and dedication.”

“Be grateful for the opportunities that come your way, and make the most of them.”

“Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and self-improvement.”

“Success is not defined by medals or records, but by the positive impact you make on others.”

“Stay true to yourself and your values, even when faced with adversity.”

“A strong support system can make all the difference in achieving your goals.”

“Keep pushing your limits, because you never know what you’re capable of until you try.”