“You’ve never seen a woman taken down by a dessert?” – Erica Barry

“I can’t believe I’m in your kitchen, making pancakes.” – Harry Sanborn

“You’re an anti-organic, plastic surgeon who enjoys making bad jokes while looking at naked women.” – Erica Barry

“You really do dress to kill, don’t you?” – Harry Sanborn

“Some of us like to dress up.” – Erica Barry

“Well, call me crazy, but I think your body is a wonderland.” – Harry Sanborn

“I think I’ll be scared like that the rest of my life.” – Erica Barry

“Do you always read ‘The Economist’ when you’re picking up someone at the hospital?” – Julian Mercer

“If you’re feeling anxious, maybe you should try this.” – Julian Mercer

“You know, Julian, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way before about anyone.” – Erica Barry

“What does he have that I don’t have?” – Harry Sanborn

“Three dogs, three women, three sets of priorities. I’m lost.” – Harry Sanborn

“I have never considered surgery but I would be willing to have a lobotomy.” – Erica Barry

“I will never worry about anyone stealing you away from me because I know no one can.” – Harry Sanborn

“I think my relationship with you was about nothing. I think we just jumped into it because we’re afraid to be alone.” – Erica Barry

“But that’s what I’m good at, caring about people from a distance.” – Julian Mercer

“Why are women always under the impression that they’re involved in a kind of titanic love affair?” – Harry Sanborn

“You’re writing about a woman who’s standing in her kitchen making eggs and toast and she can’t even remember who first said ‘I love you.'” – Erica Barry

“Just because you’re accomplished, just because you’re capable doesn’t mean you’re happy.” – Julian Mercer

“Don’t hate me because I hit it.” – Harry Sanborn

“I hate you for making me fall in love with you.” – Erica Barry

“I have to face the fact that I’m not a young bride anymore.” – Erica Barry

“You’re free to go, no strings attached.” – Harry Sanborn

“We didn’t lie to each other about who we were, we just omitted certain truths.” – Harry Sanborn

“You needed a little more time to mature. The ultimate catch just wasn’t ready.” – Julian Mercer

“How much younger do you need your girlfriend to be?” – Erica Barry

“You have a glass half-empty personality.” – Harry Sanborn

“I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. I have a carrot in my ear.” – Erica Barry

“I’m trying to give you what you want, but I have my limitations.” – Harry Sanborn

“I’m an executive in the music industry. Do you know what you call working wives who aren’t grounded in reality? Single.” – Zoe Barry