“For England and St. George!” – Traditional rallying cry of English soldiers in battle.

“Courage, loyalty, and honor are the virtues of St. George.”

“St. George, the patron saint of chivalry and bravery.”

“St. George, the dragon slayer, symbolizes the triumph of good over evil.”

“Let us invoke the spirit of St. George to defend our homeland.”

“St. George, protector of the weak and defender of the faith.”

“May the spirit of St. George guide us in times of adversity.”

“St. George, the embodiment of courage and selflessness.”

“Through St. George’s intercession, we find strength and hope.”

“St. George, the embodiment of English pride and glory.”

“St. George, the symbol of England’s resilience and courage.”

“In the footsteps of St. George, we march forward with valor.”

“St. George, the patron saint of knights and warriors.”

“May St. George’s bravery inspire us to face our own dragons.”

“St. George, the epitome of gallantry and honor.”

“St. George, the shining example of unwavering faith.”

“In tribute to St. George, we stand united against all evils.”

“St. George, the ultimate hero who brings hope and victory.”

“St. George, the guardian of our traditions and heritage.”

“St. George, the eternal symbol of strength and courage.”

“Let us hold high the banner of St. George, our national emblem.”

“St. George, the emblematic figure of righteous battles.”

“May St. George’s spirit guide us in defending our values.”

“St. George, the mighty protector of our beloved England.”

“St. George, the emblem of bravery and determination.”

“St. George, the defender of the weak and oppressed.”

“Through St. George’s intercession, we find courage in our hearts.”

“St. George, the patron saint who empowers us to face our fears.”

“St. George, the symbol of nobility and true heroism.”

“Let us remember St. George’s legacy and strive to be brave like him.”