“Stop judging me based on your limited perspective.”

“Don’t judge me for the choices I’ve made when you don’t know the options I had.”

“Before you judge me, make sure you’re perfect.”

“Stop judging me for the past; I don’t live there anymore.”

“Judging me doesn’t define who I am, it defines who you are.”

“Don’t judge me based on the chapter you walked in on.”

“Stop judging my journey when you haven’t walked in my shoes.”

“Stop criticizing my choices when you haven’t lived my life.”

“Judge me when you are perfect, and until then, keep your opinions to yourself.”

“Before you judge me, make sure you’re flawless.”

“Don’t judge me for the mistakes I’ve made, but for the lessons I’ve learned.”

“Stop judging me; it’s a reflection of your insecurities, not mine.”

“You have no right to judge me until you’ve seen and experienced everything I have.”

“Judge me when you are better than me, and not a moment sooner.”

“Don’t judge me until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes.”

“Judge me all you want, but your words won’t define me.”

“Stop judging me based on rumors; come talk to me if you really want to know the truth.”

“Before you judge me, take a good look at yourself.”

“Don’t judge me for the choices I’ve made until you understand the reasons behind them.”

“Stop judging me for being different; embrace diversity and appreciate individuality.”

“Judge me if you must, but keep in mind that I am more than what meets the eye.”

“Before you judge me, question your intentions.”

“Stop judging me; it’s a waste of your energy and my time.”

“Don’t judge me for my mistakes, but for how I’ve grown from them.”

“Judge me when you have perfection as your benchmark.”

“Don’t judge me based on the opinions of others; come form your own.”

“Stop judging me for what you think you know and start getting to know me for who I truly am.”

“Judge me when you have never made a single mistake in your life.”

“Don’t judge me for my choices; I am accountable only to myself.”

“Stop judging me for the exterior and start appreciating the depth within.”