“A son is a mother’s greatest treasure.”

“My son, my pride, my joy.”

“My little boy, my whole world.”

“Forever my baby, forever my love.”

“To my son, my sunshine, my everything.”

“A son’s love lasts a lifetime.”

“My son, my superhero, my strength.”

“A son is a blessing beyond measure.”

“In my son’s eyes, I see a reflection of my soul.”

“I am forever grateful for the gift of my son.”

“To my son, my constant source of inspiration.”

“Son, you are the reason my heart beats.”

“Being your mom is my greatest honor.”

“A son is a love that knows no bounds.”

“I loved you before I met you, my sweet son.”

“To my son, the light of my life.”

“Son, you are my greatest adventure.”

“You are my forever love, my son.”

“You were born to make this world brighter, my son.”

“A son brings joy and happiness to every day.”

“To my son, the love I never knew I needed.”

“My son, my heart will always belong to you.”

“Having a son makes my life complete.”

“I am honored to be your mother, my precious son.”

“No distance can ever separate a mother and her son.”

“My son, my love for you is infinite.”

“You were my dream come true, my beautiful son.”

“To my son, my biggest blessing.”

“My son, you are my definition of unconditional love.”

“Thank you for being the perfect son, my darling.”