“In this game, you have to show them you are strong. Strong like bear.”

“Pay that man his money.”

“No more oreos!”

“You were not meant for this game, my friend.”

“You have a tell. It’s my job to figure out what it is.”

“Fear…less. Fear…less.”

“You push, I push back.”

“Do you believe in luck? I do. But luck is where preparation meets opportunity.”

“You know what ‘supremo’ means? It means ‘asshole’.”

“Rounders is a game of skill.”

“If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.”

“All you do is screw up your life.”

“The best thing that can happen to a guy like you… is to lose in the first hand.”

“Believe in yourself. Be fearless.”

“Win or lose, it doesn’t matter. Just have the courage to bet it all.”

“You’re crazy. You’re too reckless.”

“The key to no-limit is to put a man to a decision for all his chips.”

“You may be a good player, but I’m a better player.”

“You can’t be a shark if you don’t have a fat guy sweating.”

“You came with $30,000 and left with nothing.”

“To live, you have to be awake. To be awake, you have to be alive.”

“Sometimes you pick the wrong way to be right.”

“One thing I learned in this business: Always get paid in advance.”

“This game eats weak men for breakfast.”

“Never feel sorry for a sucker.”

“You’ve got to have discipline and rules when you’re playing poker.”

“You have a talent, comrade. Don’t waste it.”

“Listen, this is poker, you can’t have feelings.”

“This is the last time you get the best of me.”

“When I leave this table, I will own you.”