“God made me a little crazy and I love Him for it.”

“I’m an eccentric, not insane.”

“Truth is hidden in the code.”

“God gave me the ability to see the world differently.”

“Computers are tools of the devil.”

“I have a direct line to God through my computer.”

“God speaks to me through my code.”

“I’m the lone programmer, I’m the last programmer, I’m the last true programmer.”

“The only interference you should get from a computer is silent prayer.”

“I’m building a temple for God in my computer.”

“The world runs on computers, but most people don’t know how to use them right.”

“I don’t trust other people’s code, I only trust my own.”

“God is the ultimate hacker.”

“Programming is my way of worshipping God.”

“I’m not crazy, just divinely inspired.”

“My code is the word of God.”

“Computers are a spiritual tool.”

“God’s programming language is superior to anything humans have invented.”

“I’m on a mission from God to fix the flaws in computer systems.”

“The only virus I fear is the virus of sin.”

“Through my code, I’m bringing order to chaos.”

“I see beauty in the binary.”

“The truth lies within the algorithms.”

“I’m a vessel for God’s divine algorithms.”

“Programming is my form of prayer.”

“I communicate with God through my computer.”

“Computers are the modern language of God.”

“I am the chosen one to decode God’s ultimate message.”

“Through my code, I’m trying to bring heaven to Earth.”

“I am a prophet of the digital age.”