“The heart wants what it wants.” – Woody Allen

“The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know.” – Blaise Pascal

“Your mind will give up long before your heart does.” – Unknown

“Sometimes our heart needs more time to accept what our mind already knows.” – Unknown

“The heart knows when the search is over, even if the mind is still questioning.” – Unknown

“Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.” – Unknown

“The mind is a powerful weapon, but the heart is a formidable adversary.” – Unknown

“The mind seeks stability, but the heart craves adventure.” – Unknown

“Logic may dictate, but emotions often decide.” – Unknown

“The greatest battles are fought within the chambers of our own hearts and minds.” – Unknown

“The heart believes what it feels, while the mind must search for proof.” – Unknown

“The heart wants what is best for us, even if the mind may not understand it.” – Unknown

“Sometimes the heart and mind are in perfect harmony, but other times they wage a fierce war.” – Unknown

“Listen to your heart, it knows things that your mind can’t comprehend.” – Unknown

“The mind is like a compass, but the heart is the true North.” – Unknown

“The mind doubts, questions, and complicates. The heart simply knows.” – Unknown

“The heart may be fragile, but it fights with a strength that the mind cannot fathom.” – Unknown

“The heart speaks in whispers, while the mind shouts its demands.” – Unknown

“When the heart and mind align, amazing things can happen.” – Unknown

“The heart may be wild, but the mind is always seeking control.” – Unknown

“Logic says one thing, but love says another.” – Unknown

“The mind seeks logic, while the heart knows what it truly desires.” – Unknown

“Trust your heart. It knows the way even when your mind doesn’t.” – Unknown

“The mind analyzes, but the heart simply feels.” – Unknown

“The heart can be irrational, but the mind can be unimaginative.” – Unknown

“The heart seeks connection, while the mind seeks understanding.” – Unknown

“In the battle between heart and mind, let love be the ultimate victor.” – Unknown

“The mind may be clever, but the heart is wise.” – Unknown

“The heart may lead you astray, but the mind can hold you back.” – Unknown

“The best decisions are made when the heart and mind work together in harmony.” – Unknown