“I said it was a foul, and it’s a foul!”

“Do I need to remind you of the rules? No pushing or shoving!”

“That’s a red card! It’s a clear intentional foul.”

“Offside! The player was clearly ahead of the last defender.”

“I’m not going to tolerate any unsportsmanlike behavior. Show some respect!”

“Two minutes of added time!”

“That’s a dangerous tackle! Yellow card.”

“Goal! The ball clearly crossed the line before the keeper saved it.”

“The ball was out of play. Throw-in for the opposing team.”

“Play on! The player wasn’t touched, just trying to draw a foul.”

“Corner kick! The defender deflected the ball over the goal line.”

“Handball! The player deliberately used his arm to control the ball.”

“Stop the clock! We have a serious injury on the field.”

“Another foul! The player used excessive force. Yellow card.”

“No diving! The player simulated contact to deceive the referee.”

“That’s a penalty! The defender brought down the attacker inside the box.”

“Play continues! The ball hit the post and stayed in play.”

“Offside! The player was clearly in an offside position.”

“Goal kick! The attacker was the last to touch the ball before it went out.”

“That’s a violation! The player deliberately obstructed his opponent.”

“Free kick! The player was tripped from behind.”

“Throw-in for the opposing team. The ball was touched by the attacking team last.”

“Play advantage! The foul didn’t interfere with the attacking team’s advantage.”

“That’s a yellow card for dissent! Respect my decisions.”

“Substitution! The player is injured and needs to be replaced.”

“That’s a two-footed tackle! Straight red card.”

“Goal disallowed! The attacker was in an offside position before scoring.”

“The ball was out of bounds before the player headed it back into play.”

“That’s a reckless challenge! Straight red card for endangering an opponent.”

“Stoppage time is over! The game ends in a draw.”