“It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion in the ocean. And I’ve got a yacht, baby!”

“Life is too short to wear boring underwear. Get yourself some bedazzled thongs, ladies!”

“I don’t need a six-pack when I have a keg of confidence!”

“You know you’re living your best life when the paparazzi mistakes you for BeyoncĂ©.”

“Forget the glass slipper, I left my stiletto on the dance floor last night!”

“Why settle for a prince charming when you can have a king-sized bed all to yourself?”

“Pizza is my therapy, and I’m booked for a lifetime of sessions.”

“I believe in karma, so I always carry an extra tube of lipstick in case someone needs a boost of fabulousness.”

“I don’t diet, I indulge in culinary adventures.”

“I may not have a Ph.D., but I’m an expert in kicking ass and taking names!”

“The secret to a happy life? A closet full of shoes and a heart full of dreams.”

“When life gives you lemons, add vodka and make a fabulous cocktail.”

“I’m not a drama queen; I’m the entire Broadway musical!”

“Who needs a knight in shining armor when you can have a knight with a credit card?”

“It’s called fashion, darling. Look it up!”

“I’ve got a black belt in shopping. My master is Gucci.”

“If sarcasm were an Olympic sport, I’d win gold, silver, and bronze.”

“You know you’re fabulous when the mirror starts complimenting you.”

“I’m not high maintenance; I’m high quality!”

“The only thing I chase is my dreams, and occasionally, the last piece of cheesecake.”

“I don’t need a map; my intuition has better navigation skills!”

“Forget Cinderella, I’m more like CinderHella!”

“I believe in miracles, especially when they come in the form of 50% off sales!”

“I don’t need a genie in a bottle; I make my own wishes come true.”

“Age is just a number, darling. My spirit animal is forever 2 ”

“I’m not a diva; I’m a goddess in training.”

“I don’t sweat; I sparkle!”

“Laughter is the best cosmetic. That’s why my face is flawless!”

“I refuse to be a background character in my own life. I’m the star, baby!”

“I’m not a drama queen; I’m a drama empress, ruling over my kingdom of fabulousness!”