“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.” – Wayne Dyer

“Gossiping about others only reveals the insecurities within yourself.” – Unknown

“Speaking ill of others does not make you superior, it exposes your own character flaws.” – Unknown

“If you have nothing nice to say about others, maybe it’s time to work on improving yourself.” – Unknown

“The words you speak about others reflect your own heart’s true condition.” – Unknown

“Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Those who speak ill of others often do so to divert attention from their own shortcomings.” – Unknown

“Don’t be a backstabber, it only leads to a lonely journey through life.” – Unknown

“Before you speak ill of someone, remember that the words you utter say more about who you are than who they are.” – Unknown

“Spreading rumors doesn’t make you more interesting, it exposes your own insecurities.” – Unknown

“When you speak ill of others, you plant seeds of bitterness in your own heart.” – Unknown

“Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with others, focus on what’s right in yourself.” – Unknown

“The harmful words you speak about others will always come back to haunt your own reputation.”- Unknown

“It takes a lot more strength to build people up than to tear them down.” – Unknown

“Remember that the way you speak about others reflects your own level of maturity and integrity.” – Unknown

“Don’t be the reason someone feels insecure. Be the reason they feel beautiful and loved.” – Unknown

“If you constantly speak ill of others, you only reveal the ugliness in your own soul.” – Unknown

“It’s easy to throw stones at others, but it takes character to uplift and inspire.” – Unknown

“When you speak badly of others, it only showcases the darkness within your own heart.” – Unknown

“Your words have the power to uplift or destroy. Choose wisely.” – Unknown

“Those who speak ill of others are often filled with envy and resentment.” – Unknown

“Talking negatively about others is a reflection of your own unresolved issues.” – Unknown

“Choose kindness over criticism, for the words you speak reflect the beauty or the ugliness of your own soul.” – Unknown

“The energy you invest in criticizing others could be better spent improving your own life.” – Unknown

“Don’t poison your own happiness by engaging in gossip and slander.” – Unknown

“Don’t let your own insecurity drive you to speak negatively about others.” – Unknown

“Be the kind of person who lifts others up, not someone who tears them down.” – Unknown

“It’s a waste of time and energy to speak ill of others. Focus on your own growth and happiness instead.” – Unknown

“Never suppress someone else’s light just to make yours appear brighter.” – Unknown

“Your character is defined by how you speak of those who can do nothing for you.” – Unknown