“People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” – Unknown

“Throwing stones only serves to break bridges and damage relationships.” – Unknown

“Throwing stones at others won’t make you any stronger.” – Unknown

“Rather than throwing stones at others, use them to build a foundation of success.” – Unknown

“Throwing stones at someone won’t make you shine brighter.” – Unknown

“When you throw stones at others, you might hit yourself in the process.” – Unknown

“Don’t waste your energy throwing stones, use it to build a better life for yourself.” – Unknown

“Throwing stones might give temporary satisfaction, but forgiveness brings inner peace.” – Unknown

“Your hands were meant to build, not throw stones.” – Unknown

“Throwing stones at others reveals more about your character than theirs.” – Unknown

“When you throw stones, you’re only hurting yourself in the long run.” – Unknown

“Throwing stones might temporarily relieve anger, but it won’t solve the underlying issue.” – Unknown

“In a world full of stone-throwers, be the one who builds bridges instead.” – Unknown

“Instead of throwing stones, try extending a hand to offer help and understanding.” – Unknown

“When you throw stones, you create a cycle of negativity that affects everyone involved.” – Unknown

“Throwing stones is an act of weakness, while forgiveness is a sign of strength.” – Unknown

“Throwing stones at someone won’t make them change, it will only make them defensive.” – Unknown

“Every time you throw a stone, a piece of your own integrity crumbles.” – Unknown

“Instead of throwing stones at others, focus on building your own path to success.” – Unknown

“Don’t waste your time throwing stones, use it to create something beautiful instead.” – Unknown

“Throwing stones might cause damage, but building bridges leads to understanding and growth.” – Unknown

“Throwing stones at others only blinds you from your own faults.” – Unknown

“When you throw stones, you’re perpetuating a cycle of negativity that benefits no one.” – Unknown

“Throwing stones at others doesn’t make you righteous, it makes you bitter.” – Unknown

“It takes strength to build, but anyone can throw stones.” – Unknown

“Throwing stones might make you feel temporarily powerful, but it only reveals your weakness.” – Unknown

“Don’t throw stones if you don’t want to be hit by them.” – Unknown

“Throwing stones is an act of insecurity; lifting others up is an act of courage.” – Unknown

“Instead of throwing stones, use your words to uplift and inspire.” – Unknown

“Throwing stones only adds weight to your own burden.” – Unknown