“I never half-step cause I’m not a half-stepper.” – Phife Dawg

“Lyrics is weak like clock radio speakers.” – Q-Tip

“You on point, Tip? All the time, Phife.” – Phife Dawg

“Check the rhime, y’all!” – Q-Tip

“Microphone check one two!” – Q-Tip

“Can I kick it? Yes, you can!” – Q-Tip

“The rhythm is the rebel.” – Phife Dawg

“We got the jazz, we got the jazz.” – Q-Tip

“Vibes and stuff.” – Q-Tip

“Keep it moving.’’ – Phife Dawg

“The kids are listening to hip-hop, let’s give them something positive and uplifting.” – Q-Tip

“Industry rules, ain’t nobody that’s determined to be, the leanest, meanest, hottest.” – Phife Dawg

“Don’t you know our styles are never second-rate.” – Q-Tip

“Life is a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it.” – Phife Dawg

“Respect to the pioneers but don’t respect what has become.” – Q-Tip

“The rhymes have to be made up of substance.” – Phife Dawg

“Thought, word, and sound.” – Q-Tip

“Straight too perfect, you know what I’m sayin?” – Phife Dawg

“Words start flying in the order that my mouth articulates.” – Q-Tip

“I feel that we are artists for the people, putting our souls into it.” – Phife Dawg

“Hip-hop is bigger than religion.” – Q-Tip

“Beats, rhymes, and life.” – Phife Dawg

“Music’s the love of my life, and I’m committed to it.” – Q-Tip

“Street poetry is my everyday.” – Phife Dawg

“Quest is the zest.” – Q-Tip

“The struggle continues.” – Phife Dawg

“Music has always been our life and will always be our life.” – Q-Tip

“You can’t front on that.” – Phife Dawg

“The abstract poetic type.” – Q-Tip

“Forever advancing.” – Phife Dawg