“I’m not a regular tuna, I’m a cool tuna.”

“I like my tuna like I like my jokes – a little fishy.”

“I’m just swimming in a sea of tuna puns.”

“Tuna is my go-to, it’s reel-y good.”

“I’m so fond of tuna, I could shell-a-bake it in my sleep.”

“Did you hear about the tuna who became a chef? He had a lot of fishin’ skills.”

“I asked the tuna if he wanted to play cards, but he said he was already in a school.”

“Tuna, the fish of few words – just sacked in oil, water, or brine.”

“I told the tuna a joke, but it fell flat. It wasn’t very ‘fin’-ny.”

“You know it’s a bad day when even the tuna isn’t getting any laughs.”

“Why did the tuna bring a guitar to the party? Because it wanted to break out some ‘tuna-fied’ tunes!”

“What do you call a fish that wears a crown? A tuna fish-toy!”

“Why don’t tuna ever win races? Because they always get caught up in a net!”

“I tried to teach my pet tuna some tricks, but all it did was swim around and pretend to listen.”

“What’s a tuna’s favorite movie genre? Anything ‘fin’-tastic!”

“The tuna walked into a seafood comedy club, and the crowd shouted, ‘It’s the ‘fin’-isher!'”

“Did you hear about the tuna who joined a band? He was a master of ‘bass’ guitar!”

“I asked the tuna if it wanted to play hide-and-seek, but it said it would only be ‘fin’-ish.”

“Why did the tuna become an artist? It wanted to become a ‘fin’-e arts master!”

“How do tunas apologize? They say, ‘I’m really sorry, that’s my ‘fin’-al answer!'”

“Tuna are always so good at keeping track of time. They’re masters of ‘fin’-ite precision.”

“Why was the tuna always tired? It had a ‘fin’-tastic day; it was non-stop swimming!”

“What do you get when you cross a tuna with a comedian? A fish with great ‘fin’-esse!”

“The tuna tried to tell me a secret, but I couldn’t hear it over its scales.”

“Why didn’t the tuna go to the party? Because it already flaked out!”

“The tuna told a joke, and the whole fish tank was in ‘fin’-stitches!”

“What do you call a tuna who loves sunbathing? A ‘fin’-tastic tan-gler!”

“I tried to make sushi with canned tuna, but it was a ‘fin’-ished disaster.”

“Why did the tuna go to the library? To study ‘fin’-ancial literacy!”

“What do you call a tuna who loves to dance? A ‘fin’-tastic tango partner!”