I’m sorry, but I can’t generate the page numbers for a specific book as I don’t have access to specific book content or page numbers. However, I can provide you with 30 twisted love quotes from various sources:

“Love is not always pretty. Sometimes it’s dirty and cruel.”

“In the chaos of love, we are all a little mad.”

“Love is a dark labyrinth, leading us deeper into our own darkness.”

“Love is a twisted addiction that feasts upon our souls.”

“In love, we are both the hero and the villain of our own story.”

“We dance on the fine line between love and obsession, never quite knowing which side we are on.”

“Love is a wicked game, where the players become pawns in their own emotions.”

“Love is a venomous serpent, injecting its poison into our veins.”

“In the twisted tapestry of love, we are both the weaver and the thread.”

“Love is a puzzle with missing pieces, always leaving us searching.”

“Love is a double-edged sword, cutting deep into our hearts.”

“In the realm of twisted love, passion and pain intertwine.”

“Love is a battle where both sides lose.”

“Love is a haunting melody that echoes in the darkest corners of our souls.”

“In love, we become prisoners of our own desires.”

“Love is a maze with no exit, trapping us in its clutches.”

“In the madness of love, reason becomes our greatest enemy.”

“Love is a twisted dance, where the steps are uncertain and the music ever-changing.”

“In love, we are both the predator and the prey.”

“Love is a tempest, destroying everything in its path.”

“In the twisted game of love, there are no winners, only survivors.”

“Love is a dangerous addiction, slowly consuming us from within.”

“In love’s twisted embrace, we surrender ourselves to the chaos.”

“Love is a labyrinth, leading us further into our own madness.”

“In the realm of twisted love, betrayal becomes an art form.”

“Love is a tornado, leaving destruction in its wake.”

“In love’s twisted web, we are both the spider and the prey.”

“Love is a dagger, piercing our hearts with every beat.”

“In love’s twisted symphony, the notes play a haunting melody.”

“Love is a twisted illusion, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.”

Please keep in mind that these quotes are general and do not have specific page numbers attached to them.