“An ugly heart can turn even the most beautiful face into something repulsive.” – Alice Cooper

“Beauty may fade, but an ugly heart lasts forever.” – Unknown

“No amount of makeup can hide an ugly heart.” – Unknown

“An ugly heart will always reveal itself through ugly words and actions.” – Unknown

“Physical beauty is meaningless without a beautiful heart.” – Unknown

“True beauty is reflected in the kindness and compassion of the heart, not in outward appearance.” – Unknown

“An ugly heart can poison even the purest of souls.” – Unknown

“An ugly heart breeds envy, bitterness, and resentment.” – Unknown

“Don’t let the outer beauty deceive you; it’s the heart that truly matters.” – Unknown

“The ugliest scars are often invisible, etched on the hearts of those with bitter souls.” – Unknown

“An ugly heart can tarnish the most beautiful smile.” – Unknown

“Beware of those with an attractive facade but an ugly heart.” – Unknown

“Physical beauty fades, but an ugly heart only grows uglier with time.” – Unknown

“An ugly heart can make even a sunny day feel dull.” – Unknown

“An ugly heart can never find true peace or happiness.” – Unknown

“Beauty is only skin deep, but ugliness resides in the heart.” – Unknown

“An ugly heart destroys the beauty it resides in.” – Unknown

“You can’t fix an ugly heart with pretty clothes or expensive jewelry.” – Unknown

“An ugly heart poisons every relationship it touches.” – Unknown

“The most attractive people are those with beautiful hearts and genuine kindness.” – Unknown

“Don’t be fooled by an attractive exterior, pay attention to the heart beneath.” – Unknown

“There’s nothing uglier than a beautiful face with a hideous soul.” – Unknown

“An ugly heart spreads negativity like a contagious disease.” – Unknown

“An ugly heart breeds ugliness in every aspect of life.” – Unknown

“True beauty radiates from a pure heart.” – Unknown

“An ugly heart is blind to the beauty that surrounds it.” – Unknown

“Don’t let an ugly heart poison your own happiness.” – Unknown

“Looks can be deceiving, an ugly heart can hide behind a charming smile.” – Unknown

“An ugly heart is incapable of true love and compassion.” – Unknown

“Beauty is nothing without a beautiful heart to accompany it.” – Unknown