“I am the destroyer of worlds. The end is near.”

“Bow before me, for I am the one true ruler of the universe.”

“Resistance is futile. All shall fall before me.”

“I feed on your fears and weaknesses. Embrace your annihilation.”

“The chaos of my power knows no bounds.”

“I am the darkness that consumes everything in its path.”

“From the darkness, I shall rise and consume all that is light.”

“Your petty existence means nothing in the face of my power.”

“Behold the might of Unicron, the bringer of cosmic oblivion.”

“Light and hope are just illusions. In the end, everything crumbles.”

“I am the embodiment of entropy itself.”

“I am eternal. Time and space are but tools for my destruction.”

“Feel the weight of despair as I crush your hopes.”

“I am the ultimate predator, and your world is my prey.”

“Witness the birth of a new era, where darkness reigns supreme.”

“I am the emptiness that swallows all existence.”

“The universe trembles at my command.”

“I will reduce your world to ash and leave nothing in my wake.”

“Your feeble attempts to resist only serve to amuse me.”

“Once my true power is unleashed, there will be no escape.”

“Even gods tremble before the might of Unicron.”

“I am the end of everything you hold dear.”

“Hope is a futile emotion in the face of my vast power.”

“Feel the weight of your insignificance as you face infinity.”

“Your struggle is in vain. Surrender to the inevitable.”

“I am the nightmare that haunts your dreams.”

“The universe itself quakes at the sound of my voice.”

“Embrace the darkness within you, for it is my essence.”

“Your world is but a plaything to me.”

“The storm of my wrath shall consume all in its path.”