“Art is not made for anybody and is, at the same time, for everybody.”

“I think we’re incredibly fortunate to be in the image-making business.”

“I’m a Leo, and I suppose one of the characteristics of Leo is a certain assuredness in oneself.”

“I believe in the idea of artifice. I do a lot of self-editing.”

“I am interested in all sorts of artifice, architecture, and all different kinds of strategies for making paintings.”

“I’m interested in things that are American—pluck, sincerity, humor, practicality.”

“It’s not necessarily what you see that’s important, but how you feel about it.”

“I believe that painting is like all other major disciplines, which require enormous work and self-discipline.”

“Paintings are always unfinished, and once they’re finished, they’re dead.”

“I only paint things that I think are beautiful, that I love and adore.”

“The subject matter gives me the opportunity to paint something that I can bring some feeling and some respect and some love to.”

“The reason I like painting from cake displays is the material. It’s the glaze, the frostings, the whipped creams, the confectionary.”

“I pick subjects that I think will be sensationalized by the context of paint.”

“It’s very important to me that paintings are visually powerful.”

“I am most interested in the design or the structure of painting.”

“Simplification is for me a way of finding the truth.”

“There’s a sense of discovery, a sense of excitement, and a sense of experimentation in painting that I feel is very important.”

“The painting should be something which talks about you, your personality, your interests, your abilities, your moment.”

“A painting is like a blossom or a bullet, with a beauty and uniqueness, but it’s also something transformative or annihilating.”

“The only tool I believe that I have as an artist is the power of persuasion.”

“I think every artist has a few gestures, little touches, and subjects that they use like color notes.”

“When you make art, you’re losing control all of the time—you’re making decisions, and some of them you’re going to lose control over.”

“A painting is like a cake; all of them are different, and I want each one to be different.”

“Sensitivity to edges is really what makes painting separate from other media.”

“There’s a strong spiritual thing in the first impulse to make a mark.”

“I realized that when I try to elaborate I get lost; I lose my sense of formulated information.”

“When you look at the whole picture—a tableau or space—it really transforms.”

“The failure of your hand to hit your idea is part of just what painting is.”

“We all live in a world where there’s nothing and something, and I want mine to be something.”

“Each painting contains its own beginning and end.”