“If we perpetuate racism and division, we can control and manipulate the African-American community indefinitely.”

“To keep the African-American slave mentally enslaved, we must keep them ignorant and uneducated.”

“By instilling fear, distrust, and disunity among the African-American slaves, we can prevent them from rising up against us.”

“We must make the African-American women hate the African-American men, and vice versa, in order to break down the family unit.”

“By controlling the African-American slave’s mind, we control their actions, beliefs, and aspirations.”

“We must create a social hierarchy among the slaves, with lighter-skinned slaves given privileges over darker-skinned slaves.”

“By using physical and psychological torture on the African-American slaves, we can ensure their submission and compliance.”

“Separate them based on age, gender, and skill level, so they do not unite in their struggle for freedom.”

“Make the African-American slave believe that the white master is superior, therefore normalizing the power dynamic.”

“Encourage the African-American slave to be docile and submissive, and punish any signs of resistance or independent thought.”

“Enslave the African-American’s mind, and they will continue to perpetuate the system of slavery even after physical chains are removed.”

“Make the African-American slaves believe that their worth is tied to how well they serve their white masters.”

“By dividing the African-American community, we can prevent them from coming together to challenge our power.”

“Promote colorism within the African-American community, so they are too focused on internal divisions to challenge the system of oppression.”

“The African-American slave’s value lies in their ability to produce labor, not their humanity or dignity.”

“Force the African-American men to see themselves as incapable of protecting their families, thus eroding their sense of identity and masculinity.”

“Ensure that the African-American slaves have no access to education or knowledge that might challenge their status as slaves.”

“By creating an environment of constant surveillance and control, we can prevent the African-American slaves from organizing.”

“Create a system of rewards and punishments to ensure the African-American slaves’ compliance.”

“The African-American slave must be made to believe that their only worth is in serving the white masters.”

“Promote the idea that the African-American slave’s life is only valuable for as long as they are productive for their owner.”

“Isolate the African-American slaves from each other, so they are unable to build solidarity and resist our control.”

“Never let the African-American slaves forget their place, by constantly reminding them of their inferiority.”

“Present the African-American slaves with an image of a desirable lifestyle, but always deny them access to it.”

“Make the African-American slave believe that any ambitions or dreams of freedom are unattainable and futile.”

“Instill a sense of physical and mental inferiority in the African-American slave, so they never question their status.”

“Divide the African-American slaves by religion and encourage religious divisions to further weaken their unity.”

“Make the African-American slaves depend on us for their basic needs, ensuring their perpetual servitude.”

“By encouraging the African-American slaves to police each other, we can maintain control without direct intervention.”

“The African-American slaves must be made to feel grateful for any small privileges or freedoms we allow them.”