“Your deeds will always come back to haunt you, either as blessings or as curses.”

“The price tag on your deeds is not measured in money, but in consequences.”

“Every action has a repercussion; be prepared to pay for each deed.”

“You cannot escape the debt of your deeds; it will eventually catch up with you.”

“The universe keeps an account of your deeds, and the payment is due.”

“Your deeds are like seeds; you will reap the fruits, good or bad.”

“Do not underestimate the cost of your actions; they will demand payment sooner or later.”

“No one can escape the bill for their deeds; it is the law of karma.”

“The currency of life is integrity; make sure your deeds can afford the price.”

“The coin of accountability will always demand payment for your deeds.”

“Pay attention to your actions, for they will determine the cost of your deeds.”

“Your deeds are the currency of your character; be prepared to pay the price.”

“The weight of your deeds will determine the burden of your payment.”

“Deeds are like debts, and eventually, you will have to settle the account.”

“Don’t think you can avoid the bill for your deeds; it will be presented eventually.”

“Beware of the consequences; you will have to pay for your actions.”

“The cost of your deeds may be delayed, but it will linger until payment is made.”

“Your deeds are like debts to your soul; they must be repaid.”

“Remember, each deed carries a price tag, and you will be the one to pay it.”

“No one can escape the cost of their deeds, for life demands payment in due time.”

“Keep your moral account in check, for someday you will pay for your deeds.”

“Actions have a way of demanding payment for their consequences; be ready to pay the price.”

“Do not underestimate the worth of your deeds; in the end, you will have to pay for them.”

“Be cautious with your actions, for their cost will be deducted from your account.”

“The price you pay for your deeds depends on the value you assign to them.”

“The balance sheet of your deeds will always reflect the price you have to pay.”

“The cost of your deeds cannot be negotiated; it must be paid in full.”

“Never forget, your deeds have a currency of their own, and you will bear the cost.”

“The cost of your deeds may be delayed, but it will never be erased from your account.”

“Accountability is the foundation of life; be prepared to pay for your deeds.”