“The demoralization process in the U.S. is basically completed already.”

“Psychological warfare is the main strategy of the KGB.”

“The main target of ideological subversion is the education system.”

“The goal of demoralization is to make people unable to perceive truth.”

“The process of demoralization takes around 15-20 years to achieve.”

“A demoralized person is unable to think critically and defend their own interests.”

“Subversion means to undermine the power structures in society.”

“The demoralization process is irreversible unless there is a drastic change in power.”

“Crisis, civil unrest, and violence are essential stages of subversion.”

“Media manipulation and disinformation are key tactics of subversion.”

“Using ideological norms as a weapon is a key strategy of subversion.”

“Activists who engage in subversion believe they are fighting for a just cause.”

“The goal of subversion is to erode the foundations of society.”

“Mass media plays a vital role in perpetuating the subversion process.”

“Cultural and moral values are purposely attacked in a subversive society.”

“The Marxist-Leninist political ideology is a central aspect of subversion.”

“Subversion starts by weakening the faith in existing institutions and leaders.”

“Subversion is not limited to military tactics, it is primarily an ideological war.”

“Demoralization is achieved by convincing people that their values and beliefs are wrong.”

“In a subverted society, trust and cooperation among citizens are severely compromised.”

“Education becomes indoctrination in a subverted society.”

“Ideological subversion creates generations detached from their own history and culture.”

“The ultimate goal of subversion is to create a socialist or communist society.”

“The KGB focused on exploiting the weaknesses of Western democratic societies.”

“Subversion is a long-term strategy that requires patience and dedication.”

“The subversion process is subtle and often goes unnoticed until it’s too late.”

“Demoralized individuals are easily manipulated by external forces.”

“The demoralization of a society leads to its decay and eventual collapse.”

“Subversion aims to create chaos and destabilization in society.”

“The process of subversion relies on exploiting the inherent weaknesses of human nature.”